Wealth Management

South Eastern Trading offers our clients a full service wealth management service. We believe that by offering the complete package, the partnership between yourself and your broker will be a great foundation for conducting future business. Our brokers work with you to fully understand your requirements, and determine an effective investment plan that will fulfill your goals. Our team of financial professionals are there to assist you with the decisions regarding your investment portfolio. With such a broad range of potential investment opportunities available to our clients, we know that it can be daunting, which is why you are given all the information you require to come to a decision. When working with South Eastern Trading your portfolio is monitored and reviewed regularly, that is so we can ensure that you are on the right path to financial success. We will always keep you updated and informed about your portfolio, and advise you with any changes we think should be made.

Creating the right portfolio

South Eastern Trading's portfolio creation services are tailor made to your needs as an individual. Each client we serve has different goals, and financial needs in mind so our team will work with you to design a portfolio that will fit in with your daily life. When working with South Eastern Trading, your portfolio will be created with two things in mind. Firstly we know that the reason for investment is growth, which is why we aim to create a portfolio that will maximize your returns. Secondly we aim to create a diverse portfolio that is tailored to your risk tolerance, if you are very risk adverse you would be placed in a position with limited exposure, and a steady return.

When working with one of our team, you will always be in control, you can have as much or as little input into the creation and management of your portfolio. If you are someone who is constantly active, and have a million things to do in a day we understand, we can work with you to create a convenient plan for your portfolio where we will contact you when necessary.

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